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Independent software and games developer, Northern Ireland

September 29 - Hyposonix Spirit

Finished my miniLD trainwreck. Take a look:

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September 21 - GameDev MiniLD 54

As if I didn't already have enough to do, I decided to join the latest mini LudumDare game development competition. Participants write a game on the theme "It's a Race" within 48 hours. Given that it's a 'miniLD' the rules are a little relaxed and you're not required to take the 48 hours in one lump as is the case with the full competition.

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September 2 - GoatCMS

Once upon a time I started a tumblr-like CMS named 'goatcms', more a pun on a certain terrible website than an actual desire to create a cms. Regardless, I now find myself needing a static content generator to replace the succession of dynamic blog software used on This reincarnation of GoatCMS will take articles written in a given format and produce static HTML to be uploaded to my blog (or yours, if somehow you are reading this). This need is primarily driven by frustration at the continuous security update cycle inherent to all self hosted blogging platforms.

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May 20 - GameDev c64 Space Tactics

I recently decided to buy a physical Commodore64 and ended up with two, after some slightly overzealous bidding on eBay. This afternoon I was feeling sick, so (as you do when ill) I decided to start writing a simple game for my new acquisitions in assembly, after having thoroughly forgotten everything I learnt back in February.

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